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While it's important to get a healthy dose of sun in summer, you still need to keep protected to avoid skin damage. If you're heading out at the warmest part of the day, you should keep these things handy in case you get caught out in the heat. 1. Hat Find a good hat for summer that you like to wear and will take out with you during the day. A stylish cap or visor is an easy, compact choice, but a wide-brimmed hat gives you greater protection for those particularly sunny days. 2. Sunglasses Always remember to take your sunglasses out with you! They're an easy choice for sun protection and you can pick whichever style suits you the best. Most lenses also provide full UV protection. 3. Long sleeves and pants Invest in some long-sleeved tops and pants, in light fabrics that breathe. Even when the weather is hot, you can layer these up to protect your skin, while still keeping cool. 4. Moisturiser Replace your daily face cream with a moisturiser that provide SPF protection. As w
Everything this season is sheer! But blouses and shirts are at the top of our list. It's perfectly ok to show some lingerie through your blouse, but make sure you're showing your best bras and not your shabby underwear. 1. For a sheer black blouse, always wear a black lacy or opaque bra underneath. But make sure it has enough coverage to keep you concealed and looking classy. 2. If you're wearing sheer whites, go for a lacy bra that soft and unpadded. Padded cups and underwire will show through your blou
On long summer days, you need a good pair of flat shoes to keep you on yourfeet. These flats are all about keeping your feet cool and comfortable, while still looking stylish. 1. Espadrilles are a classic summer shoe, that now comes in a range of closed-toe and sandal designs. Their beachy vibes are everything your feet need for a weekend getaway or lazy summer stroll. 2. Classic leather sandals will always stay in fashion, with the new season's style featuring a toe bar and ankle strap. 3. Rubber sandals are maki
It's that time of year when everyone's taking little trips away to catch thesummer rays! But sometimes it can be hard deciding what to pack for just 3 days, instead of 3 weeks. Here are our tips for choosing your outfits, whether you're strolling, trekking or lounging on a beach. 1. If you're taking a break for a beachy holiday, make sure you pack layers and accessories to throw over your sandy swimmers when you're heading out for dinner after the sun goes down. A tunic dress is perfect for layering up a
Here are some outfits that we prepared earlier! Playsuits, minis and wrap tops - they're all simple summer items that you will wear again and again this season. Take a look at these staple outfits and find a cool and simple look for summer. 1. Denim dress + espadrilles 2. High-waist trousers + tank 3. Mini dress + tote bag 4. Slip dress + sandals 5. Playsuits 6. Wrap top + brogues All images © Mondadori
If you're planning on heading out and making the most of the sunshine this weekend,then make sure you dress accordingly. We've pulled together some stylish casual outfits, minus the activewear, that look fabulous and still give you room for activities! Whether you're spending the day walking, visiting museums, cycling or playing mini golf, these looks will keep you comfortable all weekend long. 1. 2. 3. 4. All images © Mondadori
There's nothing wrong with blending in, but sometimes we could use some fresh tips to help style our outfits differently and make a statement. It doesn't have to be an extravagant piece or a drastic colour, sometimes all it takes is a new pair of shoes with an old outfit. 1. Backless or low-cut tops and dresses are a sign of summer. They're an ultra stylish trend that comes back ev
The LBD is always in fashion, but as the seasons change, so do the styles, length and fabrics of these latest black numbers. This summer we're seeing lots of lace and frills, as well as the super popular off-the-shoulder look. Take a look at our top
Getting dressed for work everyday doesn't have to be boring. Most of uslike to stick to the same outfit combinations, like a pencil skirt and blazer or trousers and a blouse. But you can step out of your comfort zone, without trekking too far, by choosing some fun fabrics and textures. Here are 4 pairs of pants we love, that are great for summer and your corporate wardrobe. Style these pants with
Ever wondered why it can be so difficult choosing the right pair of sunglasses? Maybe that's because you're not thinking about the right style to suit your face shape. We often go for the latest trends or our favourite frames, but if you take a moment to analyse your shape, you can pick which style compliments you the most. Round People with round faces need to offset their face shape by choosing geometric shaped frames. This means square and rectangular frames, or if you must go with clubround frame, go with a geometric bridge detail. Square If your face shape is square, you need to find frames with curves to offset your sharp features. Round or cat-eye frames with rounded edges are your best pick. Heart Heart shaped faces have a wide brow and narrow chin, so they need sunglasses with bottom-heavy frames. Try aviators or a half-rim design with heavy bottom detailing. Oval Oval-shaped faces have the luxury of choosing any style of eyewear! Round, square, oversized - pick you
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